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Експорт авто из Дании

Мы занимаемся  экспортом различных марок автомобилей моделей из Дании: Audi, BMW, VW, Skoda, Peugeot, Nissan, Renault, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, и все, что имеет колеса на и двигатель..


Pick up your car today

Our cars and vans are ready for export right now. Vehicles without danish taxes for export to all over Europe: EU and non-EU countries.

Honest description

You get honest description and high-resolution pictures for every car we sell.

Always honest answer

You get honest and precise answer to your questions about the cars.

Export number plates

You can get export number plates and insurance at our office, no need to go to Skat.

Hot coffee

Have a cup of coffee, while all the documents are being made for you.

Always in stock

These car makes are always in stock.

Chevrolet Camaro

6.2 V8 MT OHV 16V SS-model
# F031 Chevrolet Camaro 6.2 V8 MT OHV 16V*SS-model*NR*F031 - available for danish market or export NOW!!
BMW X5 xDrive40d

BMW X5 xDrive40d


#1338 - BMW X5 xDrive40d, HeadUP, Night-Vision, ACC, – available for export NOW!!

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

3,5 Sport Edition 7 Pers

#F019 Toyota Sienna 3,5 Sport Edition 7 Pers - available for Danish market or export NOW!

Toyota Sienna is a KING of american families, best sold family MINIVAN in USA

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